Daisy was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia. This poor little girl was 6 pounds of oozing, bleeding skin. Her fur had literally been eaten away by parasites and they were now feasting on her skin. Can you imagine the discomfort of having your skin feel like it is on fire as it is eaten away? The shelter stated that if 2nd Chance could not help; they would need to euthanize her in order to relieve her pain. When the shelter workers tried to give her a blanket, she would whimper in pain because even the touch of the soft material would hurt her. She must have lived in this pain for many months; just huddled in the corner of a crate shaking. The site of her was heartbreaking.

After being rescued by 2nd Chance 4 Life, Daisy was treated and hospitalized to get the parasite and skin issue under control. Today, she is in her foster home and cuddling with her foster mommy every chance she gets. She gets her medication every day and special medicated baths once a week. She sleeps in bed with her foster mommy every night and we are thrilled to say she has found a forever family that is just waiting to welcome her home!

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