Ralph had lived on the streets and was emaciated. The look on his face was one of defeat and his is death stamp had been given by the shelter where he was taken. But when 2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue saw his precious face and the potential he had, we reached out to our network and one of our wonderful fosters stepped up to give Ralph a home and his 2nd Chance!

Ralph was taken to the vet to get examined and start his healing process. Unfortunately, the news was not good and x-rays revealed that Ralph had cancer in his stomach. While Ralphs illness is terminal, he doesn’t have to live a bad life! While we cannot take away his cancer, we can give him the best life EVER until he tells us he is ready to go.

Ralph had a Christmas to remember and wonderful supporters sent him toys and treats that became piles under the Christmas tree. We are grateful for every day Ralph is given, and in return, he gives us so much more! Ralph has gained 8 pounds and is feeling and looking wonderful.

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