Tito was scared and alone when he was running in the street and was hit by a car. With his chain wrapped around his legs, he was dragged by the car and his skin was literally pulled from his legs, exposing tendons and muscle. Abrasions covered his body.
Tito was rushed to a shelter where they did their best to help. He was in incredible pain, but the shelter didn’t have the tools or the funds to help him and manage his pain and suffering. This little, 8-pound boy was fighting for his life.

Tito was rescued by 2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue and was taken to Palmyra Animal Clinic, where he was immediately put on proper pain medication, and treatments were started. He was put on heavy-duty medication and started K-Laser treatments twice a day. He was hospitalized for a few weeks but now has the love and support of 2nd Chance and generous donors who help dogs like Tito keep on fighting every day.

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